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About Us

Got a pest problem? Pesco Pest Control in Halifax provides private and confidential pest removal service for homeowners, businesses, and industrial properties. We have over 35 years of experience handling all types of pests from cockroach and bedbug removal to rat, skunk, and bird control. Locally owned and operated, we have been serving the pest control needs of the Metro and HRM since 1998. Over the years we have perfected our techniques and continue to educate ourselves on the newest innovations in pest removal.

Confidential and Private Pest Control
At Pesco Pest Control, we understand that calling a pest control service is not something that you want advertised, especially if you are a business. That’s why all of our services are handled discretely.

Always Call a Professional
Each pest infestation brings with it a different set of issues, and no pest removal service is ever a one-size fits all. That’s why do-it-yourself pest control projects aren’t always the best option. When it comes to serious infestations, professional skill and knowledge are required to ensure the pests are removed and stay gone.

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Contact Pesco Pest Control to schedule your appointment. Emergency appointments are available.


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